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Broke but Still treading water

kimber started this conversation
After this past year, I can not believe that I survived another one.  While everyone knows that life must go on, it is often very difficult when the one you lived for is gone.  Although no one is exempt from this pain, the loss of 2 parents is worse than just one.  Fighting with siblings often happens between siblings that are too close in age or too far apart in age but it is normal.  However, trying to run one over with a motorcycle is not.  Living with people that do not want you is about the same but not close. My children want to be a part of my restaurant when I finally get the backing financially.  The idea to have an old time burger joint would take off here because on this side of the town we live in has no restaurants.  The east side of the highway is getting more populated and we could use somewhere to eat close by.
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